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“Trova Clienti e opportunità”

"Find customers and opportunities".


Consulting services and corporate business opportunities, aimed at introducing the market.  

This work plan is set up and managed, on the indications provided by your Company, with the aim of giving the company visibility on the web and on Digital Social Networks in order to find new customers, start the communication process with the potential customer, gain customer trust over time. 

Pay per click campaigns, carried out on facebook and google.

Shop Window


- domain management, domain transfer and all practices related to the website ("if necessary")

- construction of landing pages for each product / service to our company. discretion or macro-categories analysis of the sector competition / research / trend / target on Google related to the sector of creation of a complete web marketing strategy (Social Network - any forum, blog ... - website ...) with actions and objectives

- creation of a complete system of corporate visibility on Social Networks through accounts, groups, fan pages on the main Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin)  




Once the system has been set up with the above, we will begin to activate a series of activities aimed at starting the communication process with your potential customer. The goal here is to gain customer trust over time, communication after communication; both by using “lively”, “funny” communications to facilitate the potential customer's openness to dialogue, and by using professional communication. Professional communications are the so-called newsletters, which will be on a weekly basis. All newsletters will be sent to 360 °, on Social Networks, on the website. In addition to communications with your potential customers, we will immediately activate the Google Adwords service to immediately obtain the contacts of those who are already looking for your products / services.




Inserting videos of events, products and anything else that highlights your company. All the creation of the system and its maintenance will be carried out by our structure.


Inserimento di video degli eventi, dei prodotti e di ogni altra cosa che mette in risalto la vostra azienda. Tutta la creazione del sistema ed il suo mantenimento sarà effettuato dalla nostra struttura.

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